The Practical Healer
Artful Massage and Shiatsu with April Fleck


"After seeing April for frozen shoulder, visually you could see my arm went up five inches further than when I arrived", Karen K, Admin Specialist, Minneapolis

"Oooh my knees feel so much better" -Cindy L. Retired and Inspired, Minneapolis

"April is my go-to massage therapist. Many times in the 10 years I have known her she has gotten me back onto my feet with just a massage or two. I've had massages by other people but April is, by far, the best!" -Megan C, Daycare Provider Minneapolis

"April/the Practical Healer can provide either an excellent massage or shiatsu therapy and I really appreciate her versatility and her skill level.  Her knowledge of anatomy and pressure points is noteworthy and she employs that knowledge to provide help and relief that I wouldn't have expected or even thought possible.  Can't wait for the next session!" -Tom G Retired and Inspired in St. Paul

"Go see April.  She's really fun and she's strong" -Susan D, Savvy Social Worker 

"I appreciate your contribution to my wellness" -Amy "Tech Neck"