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When you get regular sessions with me you will have an ally to help you with stress, tension, aches and pains.  No matter what comes your way in your daily life you know that you will have a time and space reserved just for you to make you feel your very best.

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This 75 minutes services includes about 60 minutes of medium pressure full body Massage with extra time spent on the neck and shoulders.  To end the session you put your clothing back on and we finish with Shiatsu and Thai Stretches




"My back and shoulders are feeling SO much better this week. Thank you for expunging some of my deeply embedded stress!! I so, so value you as a partner in my health maintenance. You have a gift and I'm blessed to receive it!" -Mandy, Working Professional

"After you worked on my legs I was able to run four and a half miles for the first time" -Jenn, Mpls

"The key to a great Massage or Shiatsu is good communication paired with knowledge and Intuition." -April

Most Requested Services are:

Therapeutic Relaxation Massage: can include aromatherapy for relaxation, effleurage, reflexology, Reiki, and Shiatsu acupressure points. Clients experiencing stress and anxiety welcome.

Targeted Deep Tissue Massage: can include stretching, cupping, trigger point work, side position, and extra good communication. Let's get you moving again and enjoying the activities you love.  I've had particular luck with peculiar shoulder problems, immobilizing back pain, as well as the knees.  

Shiatsu with Stretches: Do you want to unlock that stuck feeling? Do you like to keep your clothes on?  Do you like stretches?  Shiatsu is great at getting the Qi moving.   I use hands, feet, elbows, and knees to to provide deeper(yet comfortable) pressure and provide wonderful stretches for the whole body.  As a former instructor of Shiatsu, I will make sure you are well cared for. 

Retired and Inspired: Just because you are done working doesn't mean you are done living. Let's keep you loose and limber for your next great adventure!!  With an extensive knowledge of medical terminology I can adapt to various medical conditions. $5 off when you come in before 2pm


Aromatherapy All Massage sessions include a Biotone Creme Blend featuring custom essential oils.  Currently available are a wonderful Relaxation Blend and a Muscle Magic Blend.  Can be customized for those experiencing anxiety, depression, constipation, cold or cough, deep muscle pains, or osteoarthritis.  Aromatherapy and Massage do not seek to replace your doctor, rather augment the body's natural healing process. 

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New Clients Take 20% Off!!


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This is me at the Museum of Science of Industry in Chicago.  We stumbled on these cadaver sculptures.  This kind of thing usually makes me really squeamish.  Once I got over the "eww" factor I couldn't stop looking at all of those muscles attachments.  In this picture I am pointing at the iliopsoas muscle group.  These tricky little muscles are often the root of a lot of back pain.  

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